SPD & SPF Partner on Stamford Crime & Gunstoppers Program

In September 2016, the Foundation was approached by Mayor Martin in hopes that we would partner with the Stamford Police Department to launch a Crime & Gunstoppers program. The program's aim is to reduce gun violence and violent crime through the use of credible, compensated tips from concerned citizens. The Foundation's role would act as a neutral administrative third-party to protect the anonymity of the participants.

To date the program has netted ten tips which led to the arrests of 11 perpetrators who have been charged with various weapon and felony infractions.

To read more about the program and its success, please click on the article below:
Big Cash Rewards Get Guns Off The Streets

About The Foundation

Over the past several years, the City has been undergoing an exciting transformation. The city has evolved in many important ways, particularly in the growth and diversity of its population, and growth as a global corporate market and commercial center. With these changes have come new challenges that the Police Department must meet to succeed at our public safety mission.

To address this point, a call was issued for active community engagement in the form of a Police Foundation to serve as a catalyst to assist the Department in enhancing our public safety efforts.

Community support from a variety of sectors was favorable and strong, and the Stamford Police Foundation was founded.

Mission Statement

Stamford Police Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to utilize its resources through guidance, research, financial support and expertise to enhance the services provided by the Stamford Police Department.

Through this effort, the Foundation is committed to assisting and improving the performance and effectiveness of the Stamford Police Department, and to promote a spirit of harmony between the Department and the community it serves.

In doing so, the Foundation strives to support the Stamford Police Department in its mission to improve the public safety and quality of life for all its residents